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Professional Leg Lotion from SalonLogics

One of our best beauty products!
The first thing women do after they shave their legs is to apply a lotion because shaving destroys the lipid barrier in the skin. (keeps moisture in). Now SalonLogics Leg Lotion moisturizes like no other but also helps keep hair Leg Lotion for Beautiful Legsfrom growing back. Naturally! 2 products in 1!!
  • Moisturize like no other lotion - restore lipid barriers
  • Keep hair from growing back on legs. Hair that does grow back in much lighter and eventually helps keep the hair on the legs, underarms, body and even on the delicate face areas
  • Shea Butter- sun filter to help prevent sun damage to skin as well as repair damaged lipid barriers due to shaving
  • Aloe Butter- heals and rejuvenates stripped and depleted skin cells. A great healing butter for even the most damaged skin
  • Mango Butter - a barrier to protect skin against moisture drainage Seaweed- the ultimate in thinning hair and ultimately eliminating unwanted hair with time. Includes burdock and fenugreek to stimulate circulation. Lack of circulation has been linked to spider veins.
  • Gree Tea anti oxidant helps sun damaged skin and prevent sun damage skin and skin aging

Get the best moisturizing lotion for your legs!  Provides protection and makes skin smooth and soft to the touch!

"This lotion moisturizes like no other, is all natural, keeps hair from growing back (prevents shaving) and it helps with circulation to keep legs looking toned and fit."  Julie H.  Denver, CO

Use the leg lotion preferred by salon and spa professionals! Our top-rated salon product!

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